PRG’s federal advocacy focuses on two goals:  (1) helping key policymakers in the government understand and act on the positions of our clients; and, (2) matching our clients’ priorities with the concerns of legislators and regulators. Our team members’ experience on Capitol Hill and in numerous government agencies provides our clients with an insider’s view of how to get business done in Washington.

Legislative Affairs
We develop legislative strategies by analyzing policy and political issues and constituent priorities.  We look beyond conventional political wisdom to create approaches that draw on the subtleties and intricacies of the Congressional process. We ensure that our clients have the opportunity to provide input at the beginning of the legislative process and not wait until legislation has already been introduced.  In addition, we help prepare clients for Congressional testimony and work with Members’ offices and committee staff to advance our clients’ positions.

Regulatory Affairs
On the regulatory front, we help clients manage relations with the Executive Branch and relevant federal agencies. Time and again, companies who master the world of business must contend with complex regulatory developments at agencies that seem to follow far different rules. With team members who have worked in senior positions at numerous federal agencies, we translate our clients’ concerns to the language of regulators, and advance our clients’ interests so their businesses can thrive.

Congressional Investigations
A Congressional inquiry can have serious implications for a company, ranging from public image issues to threats of criminal or civil prosecutions to further legislative activity.   PRG professionals understand the unique nature of these investigations. We know how to negotiate with Congressional staff, define the terms of the inquiry, draft and produce documents, work to preserve privileges and interface with the media, if needed. From receipt of the first letter requesting information through testifying before a Congressional committee, PRG professionals have the skills and experience to represent clients during every stage of a Congressional inquiry.

Coalition Building and Support
PRG creates coalitions and establishes strategic partnerships to advance our clients’ regulatory or legislative initiatives.  We manage industry-wide coalitions that address the policy and communications aspects of a variety of issues.  We have a strong track record of successfully enlisting third-party supporters from like-minded organizations to advance our clients’ interests.