PRGImages_Services2Legislative and Regulatory Affairs
PRG’s federal advocacy focuses on two goals:  (1) helping key policymakers in the government understand and act on the positions of our clients; and, (2) matching our clients’ priorities with the concerns of legislators and regulators. Our team members’ experience on Capitol Hill and in numerous government agencies provides our clients with an insider’s view of how to get business done in Washington. Read More »

Strategic Communications
PRG’s Strategic Communications team designs and implements comprehensive and targeted communications strategies to reach key policymakers, elected officials and the public.  We also provide corporate positioning, reputation management, crisis communications and financial communications services. Read More »

Legal Representation
Developing legal statutes, the regulations that support these laws, and the litigation that inevitably is brought to bear in administrative, federal and state courts can be complex.  From advising clients on compliance with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act to filing Amicus briefs, PRG’s team of lawyers has the skills needed in dealing with the governmental regulatory system. Read More »