Energy Update Week of January 12

Frank Maisano
Jan 12, 2015

Friends, Now that we have survived our first “storm” of the year, I feel like we can say that Washington is truly much more dysfunctional when trying to travel in snow than when legislating.  That may tell you how bad it was last Tuesday with only two inches of snow…

Energy Update Week of January 5

Frank Maisano
Jan 05, 2015

Friends, Welcome back…Hope your holidays were restful and fun!  Just a short intro today because 1) I want to get to the first five issues of the Top 15 for ‘15 and 2) I am completely overloaded with sports.  From the Winter Classic at Nationals Park (AWESOME!) to the football…

Energy Update Week of December 8

Frank Maisano
Dec 08, 2014

Friends So can we just agree that there should at least 8 teams that qualify for the NCAA football playoffs?  The top 4 teams will play off starting on New Year’s Day when Oregon and Florida State meet in the Rose Bowl and Alabama and Ohio State meet in the…

Energy Update Week of November 17

Frank Maisano
Nov 17, 2014

Friends Just a short opening this week to get us moving as the temperatures dip and we approach the Thanksgiving Week.  Next week I will be in Cali to eat (In ‘n Out Burger), work (Ivanpah/LA Times) and play (umpiring Hannah’s USAFH Festival Field Hockey Tourney); and with limited action…

Energy Update Week of November 10

Frank Maisano
Nov 10, 2014

Friends The midterm elections are now behind us (except for Louisiana and a few undecided House races in Arizona, California and New York).  But before we head to Sesame Street, I am forwarding in one last blast (like a November Minnesota snow storm), our election recap and video analysis in…

2014 Midterms Post-Election Analysis Webinar

Nov 05, 2014

Nearly 200 people tuned in to hear our 2014 midterms post-election analysis webinar this morning. Follow the link below to view the slides and download the audio from today’s presentation. PRG speakers included: Scott Segal, Founding Partner, on election results and implications, as well as energy issues and environmental regulations…

Article on Corporate Inversions Co-Authored by PRG’s Curtis Beaulieu Published in Industry Week

Nov 03, 2014

The opening paragraphs from the article, Washington Is Clamping Down on Corporate Inversions – What’s Next?, follow.  The piece was co-authored by Beaulieu and Bracewell partner Abraham (Avi) Reshtick. You can read the full piece on the Industry Week site, here. The recent wave of U.S. companies exploring corporate inversions, which has…

Energy Update Week of November 3

Frank Maisano
Nov 03, 2014

Friends You always love it on a Monday morning when EPA and DOJ put out an advisory saying that they are making the largest Clean Air Act settlement ever, yet no one knows what/who it is covering. Fortunately, this settlement is focused on autos with Hyundai Motor Co. and Kia…

Energy Update Week of October 27

Frank Maisano
Oct 27, 2014

Friends So we pasted The Hill’s Top Lobbyists to my colleague Scott Segal’s door for the 5th straight year.   He is almost like Derek Jeter in that his reputation as an All-Star expert on Energy and the environment is well-known.  I did the same for my daughter Hannah, who on…

Energy Update Week of October 20

Frank Maisano
Oct 20, 2014

Friends Two weeks to go to 2014 midterm elections.  Several races remain interesting and within the margin of error until election day, including Iowa, New Hampshire, Alaska, North Carolina and Colorado.  Kansas veteran Pat Roberts has rebounded, but the race with independent Greg Orman remains tight.  And in South Dakota,…

Energy Update Week of October 13

Frank Maisano
Oct 13, 2014

Friends, Thanks goodness it is Columbus Day, the holiday to celebrate Italian-Americans, because those of us that end in a vowel really do need more celebrating. Italian-Americans are among the most loyal — most law-abiding — patriotic, hard-working American citizens in this land.  Because from the time of the great Christopher…

Energy Update Week of October 6

Frank Maisano
Oct 06, 2014

Friends, I hope everyone had an easy fast and is now refreshed with a clean slate.  I know for me it was a hectic week that included a great trip up to oil/gas sites in Dimock/NE PA before the Friday/Saturday’s fast break.  At least we had no rain this time…

Tax Policy Specialist Curtis Beaulieu Joins Bracewell & Giuliani’s Policy Resolution Group

Oct 01, 2014

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Policy Resolution Group (PRG) at Bracewell & Giuliani LLP announced today that Curtis Beaulieu is joining PRG as Senior Counsel in its Washington, D.C. office.  Beaulieu will provide federal legislative and regulatory advice to the firm’s industry and non-profit clients on a broad range of tax…

Energy Update Week of September 29

Frank Maisano
Sep 29, 2014

Friends, While many of you may have heard this sad news, I still wanted to start today with a giant collective energy update hug for our friend Maureen Lorenzetti who suddenly lost her loving husband of 27 years last week.  Many of you may not have known Maureen’s husband Stephen,…

Energy Update Week of September 22

Frank Maisano
Sep 23, 2014

Friends, Congress has headed for the campaign trail.  Yes, it is that time of year when the fall leaves start turning, the days start getting shorter (Autumnal equinox is tonight at 10:29 p.m.) and the Jewish new year and day of atonement (starting Wednesday) is upon us.  And every other…