Energy Update Week of October 20

Frank Maisano
Oct 20, 2014

Friends Two weeks to go to 2014 midterm elections.  Several races remain interesting and within the margin of error until election day, including Iowa, New Hampshire, Alaska, North Carolina and Colorado.  Kansas veteran Pat Roberts has rebounded, but the race with independent Greg Orman remains tight.  And in South Dakota,…

Energy Update Week of October 13

Frank Maisano
Oct 13, 2014

Friends, Thanks goodness it is Columbus Day, the holiday to celebrate Italian-Americans, because those of us that end in a vowel really do need more celebrating. Italian-Americans are among the most loyal — most law-abiding — patriotic, hard-working American citizens in this land.  Because from the time of the great Christopher…

Energy Update Week of October 6

Frank Maisano
Oct 06, 2014

Friends, I hope everyone had an easy fast and is now refreshed with a clean slate.  I know for me it was a hectic week that included a great trip up to oil/gas sites in Dimock/NE PA before the Friday/Saturday’s fast break.  At least we had no rain this time…

Tax Policy Specialist Curtis Beaulieu Joins Bracewell & Giuliani’s Policy Resolution Group

Oct 01, 2014

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Policy Resolution Group (PRG) at Bracewell & Giuliani LLP announced today that Curtis Beaulieu is joining PRG as Senior Counsel in its Washington, D.C. office.  Beaulieu will provide federal legislative and regulatory advice to the firm’s industry and non-profit clients on a broad range of tax…

Energy Update Week of September 29

Frank Maisano
Sep 29, 2014

Friends, While many of you may have heard this sad news, I still wanted to start today with a giant collective energy update hug for our friend Maureen Lorenzetti who suddenly lost her loving husband of 27 years last week.  Many of you may not have known Maureen’s husband Stephen,…

Energy Update Week of September 22

Frank Maisano
Sep 23, 2014

Friends, Congress has headed for the campaign trail.  Yes, it is that time of year when the fall leaves start turning, the days start getting shorter (Autumnal equinox is tonight at 10:29 p.m.) and the Jewish new year and day of atonement (starting Wednesday) is upon us.  And every other…

Energy Update Week of September 15

Frank Maisano
Sep 15, 2014

Friends, Saturday night while sitting in Baltimore Harbor celebrating the bicentennial of the penning of the Star Spangled Banner on a good friend’s boat, I was inspired to start today’s update by the “rockets’ red glare” and “the bombs bursting in air” from the massive fireworks display. On Sept. 14,…

Energy Update Week of September 8

Frank Maisano
Sep 08, 2014

Friends, It is a tough Monday given that I am still recovering from a fabulous SEJ conference in New Orleans and a weekend trip to central NY for college lax/FH recruiting visits for Hannah.  It was a lot of traveling, only made worse by the first-Monday-after-Labor-Day traffic!!!  ARGGH… Thank goodness…

Energy Update Week of September 2

Frank Maisano
Sep 02, 2014

Friends, Welcome Back, your dreams were your ticket out… Ooopps, slipped into the 70s John Sebastian classic Welcome Back Kotter theme  as I thought about school starting, Fall sports launching (Hannah scored her first goal of the field hockey season in already), the return of Football and Hockey and the…

Energy Update Week of August 4

Frank Maisano
Aug 05, 2014

Friends, We finally made it to August.  Time to take a breath.  I will say that traffic in DC was feeling the major effects of August recess – even with the African Leaders Summit in town.  Coming into DC from Annapolis at normal peak rush hour this morning was a…

Energy Update Week of July 28

Frank Maisano
Jul 28, 2014

Friends, It was great to catch the final early morning coverage of le Tour de France for this year’s race, won by Italy’s Vincenzo Nibali.  He dominated from stage 3 to win going away.  The completion of the most grueling event in sports will be minor though compared to the…

Energy Update Week of July 21

Frank Maisano
Jul 21, 2014

Friends, Amazingly, yesterday was the 45th anniversary of Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the Moon.  ”One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” was the lasting memory of the epic Apollo 11 flight that landed the first humans on the moon and safely returned them to Earth. Armstrong…

Energy Update Week of July 14

Frank Maisano
Jul 14, 2014

Friends, And I Feel Fine.  With yesterday’s final, the World Cup is complete with Germany breaking Europe’s streak of bad luck on American (Latin/South/North) soil with a spectacular goal in the 113th minute of extra time from substitute player Mario Gӧtze.  The game ends a great tournament with lots of…

Energy Update Week of July 7

Frank Maisano
Jul 08, 2014

Friends, Well it was sure nice to slow down last week.  While I spent most of the sun-drenched week here in DC at a lax All-American showcase my daughter was playing in, it was nice to take a deep breath and not have to check my phone.  Better than me,…

Energy Update Week of June 30

Frank Maisano
Jul 01, 2014

Friends, I thought I’d do a quick update for you this week despite this being the holiday week.  While Friday, July 4th is the US independence Day, tomorrow July 1st is also Canada Day. For those of us who spent a large part of our younger days traveling from rink…