Energy Efficiency
The drive for energy efficiency in products and processes creates business opportunities for technology developers and manufacturers.  Manufacturers of two energy-efficient products turned to the PRG team to help create and manage trade associations designed to promote the development of energy efficiency standards, encourage the passage of favorable tax treatment and advocate for inclusion in the federal government’s Energy Star program.  PRG helped launch the trade associations, and advocates for our clients on Capitol Hill and at the Department of Energy, the Environmental Protection Agency and other agencies.  PRG’s work has allowed our clients to continue developing products that will change the way the nation and the world use energy.

Federal Law Enforcement Association Representation
The PRG team provides a range of services to a national federal law enforcement association.  PRG serves as the association’s general counsel, leads its legislative and regulatory advocacy efforts and provides strategic communications support on issues ranging from national security to pay and benefits for the association’s members.  PRG’s work has helped the association become an influential and respected voice on Capitol Hill, among policymakers and in the news media while strengthening its standing within the Bureau and among its members.

Effective Coalition Building
Coal-fired electric utilities often have a different take on certain aspects of energy and environmental policy than do utilities with different fuel mixes — conditions that invite a narrower-scope coalition even when the industry as a whole is represented by large trade associations. Over a decade ago, some of the major coal-fired utilities approached PRG to help establish an effective coalition to work these issues: from new source review to clean-air regulations to climate change to other related topics.  Since that time, the coalition has become one of the most well-known and effective voices on behalf of the industry.  PRG’s utilities work demonstrates our team’s ability to set up coalitions, develop strategy, recruit members, and achieve consensus goals.