Energy Update Week of April 14

Frank Maisano
Apr 14, 2014

Friends, With the Passover/Easter/Spring Break week, Congress is out and it is slow, giving us a chance to see DC’s cherry blossoms in full bloom (this weekend was a madhouse around downtown).  I was most excited about the light traffic today though.  Still a few events on the radar though,…


Energy Update Week of April 7

Frank Maisano
Apr 07, 2014

Friends, Masters week has arrived signaling that it must really be Spring finally (and not too soon because of the polar vortex).  Players start practice rounds today and the action kicks off on Wednesday with the Par 3 Competition and Round 1 on Thursday.   With Woods out and past winners…


Energy Update Week of March 31

Frank Maisano
Mar 31, 2014

Friends, Exciting times in the sports world with the Final Fours and Opening Day.  All my Michigan teams let trips to the Four slip away.  Michigan fell to Kentucky on a clutch last-second shot.  Michigan State made some very un-Izzo-like mistakes/turnovers losing to UConn.  Finally, Ferris State, despite dominating the…


Energy Update Week of March 24

Frank Maisano
Mar 24, 2014

Friends, Pools, Pools Pools….Well, in my two pools, I managed to pick every game correctly, except Duke-Mercer.  The problem is some are on one and the rest are on the other… making them average.  A lot of the talk last week was about the Buffett Billion Dollar Challenge which really…


Energy Update Week of March 17

Frank Maisano
Mar 17, 2014

Friends, What a crazy couple of days we just had: 1) for you Math nerds – Pi (3.14159…) Day on Friday (brought in a tasty Apple pie); 2) for you history/literature buffs – the Ides of March on Saturday, 3) for the religious and Rainbow-haired sports fans – John 3:16…


Energy Update Week of March 10

Frank Maisano
Mar 10, 2014

Friends, I hope you all managed to get your clocks adjusted to “Spring Forward.”  While there are many theories about Daylight Savings Time’s origin from Ben Franklin to New Zealand,  the first approach to moving our clocks was mainly credited in 1905 to British inventor William Willett (FUN FACT: Willett…


Energy Update Week of March 3

Frank Maisano
Mar 04, 2014

Friends, The glitz and glamour of the Academy Awards went off last night with just about the same results as the Golden Globes earlier this year.  The wealth was spread among the many good movies we saw this year with Dallas Buyers’ Club holding a slight edge.  Given the terrific…


Energy Update Week of February 24

Frank Maisano
Feb 24, 2014

Friends, The Olympics ended yesterday with a flurry, and the games were a success.  The games delivered many excellent moments without many of the problems that critics expected or worried about.  The US won lots of gold medals in many of the non-traditional Winter Olympic events (the new “X” Games-…


Energy Update Week of February 18

Frank Maisano
Feb 18, 2014

Friends, I know you all had a rough week last week with more snow.  While I avoided the mess by heading to warmer climates, I still managed to hear a lot of complaints. It still is winter though.  And perhaps nobody had it as bad as NBC Olympic host Bob…


Energy Update Week of February 10

Frank Maisano
Feb 10, 2014

Friends, With the Olympics kicking off, I am stuck watching as much of it as I can.  I hope you are enjoying the Winter Olympic coverage as well.  The first few days featured some great women’s hockey and lots of moguls.  I always loved skiing and was pretty good, but…