2014 Midterms Webinar

Nearly 200 people tuned in to hear our 2014 midterms post-election analysis webinar this morning.

Follow the link below to view the slides and download the audio from today’s presentation.

PRG speakers included:

Scott Segal, Founding Partner, on election results and implications, as well as energy issues and environmental regulations

Jeff Holmstead, Partner, on energy issues and environmental regulations

Eric Washburn, Partner, on LNG exports

Salo Zelermyer, Senior Counsel, on LNG exports

Josh Zive, Senior Counsel, on crude exports

Mike Pate, Partner, on Tax Issues

Curtis Beaulieu, Senior Counsel, on Tax Issues

Anne Northup, Partner, on election results and implications

Slides are available here: PRG_2014_Midterm_Elections_Webinar_PPT

An audio file of the presentation is available for download here.